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Posted by sewindulge on February 3, 2010 at 9:21 AM

A few years ago I noticed that when I walked into my sewing room, I was instantly inspired!  I noticed that it made me smile.  Right then I started calling it my "Feel Good Room". 

I have not always had a "sewing room" or Studio.  It was not until we moved to Oregon and were able to buy a house with an extra "office" or "bedroom".  I remember my then teenage son saying he wanted that room!  I had already called it.  It was very exciting to finally have a room that would contain all of my craft and sewing stuff!  I love my room! 

This morning while pondering the work day, I went in just to eat breakfast.  I started looking around and saw a very special gift that was made for me, many, many years ago, by a very dear friend, Angie Woods, who passed away way too soon from breast cancer.  Angie was an avid crossstitcher!  She was an extremely talented crafter and we spent many hours sale shopping for the latest craft supplies.  We went through good times and bad times together.  We would drag our small children with us to the fabric stores and spend hours there.  (My son to this day says he will not go into a fabric shop!)  Silly boy.  The gift, a hooped cross stitched wallhanging with the word "Friend"  Proverbs 17:17.  The hoop had lace hot glued all around.  Remember these?  When this was the "big" thing, I think we must have purchased those wood hoops by the case!  I still have some! 

Sewing and crafting have changed so much in the past 30 years!  I now have a "fancy" sewing machine that I can create and sew out a cross stitched design in a fraction of the time it took her to create those gifts.  I know she would be amazed at how far the technology has come in the past 30 years.  I know if she were here, she would be doing all the latest crazes with all the latest technology.  I miss her.  Posting a picture of the gift.



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