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Posted by sewindulge on February 5, 2010 at 9:27 AM

I think I have always dreamed of running my own business! I just think that way. I have had numerous ideas throughout the years. Of course, I thought they were "brilliant!" In the early years of my marriage, my husband would tell me all the reasons that idea would not work. I thought of him as the "dream squasher!" Don't get me wrong, he is very practical and I have found that many of his sqashings have been for my own good. Anyway, a change occurred when he heard someone on the radio explaining NOT to discount the dreamer! Hmmm. These are the great ideas that have transformed our lives as we know it. He no longer told me how that would not work, but now he "encouraged" the idea. Now this was a new concept. I was now faced with my own confidence and could no longer blame him for not supporting me. So, this time when I threw the idea about Sew Indulge to him, he actually said that he thought it was a "good" idea. That was the green light to try. So here is the experiment of a dreamer. I started down the path of starting my own business. I applied for a business license, created a web site, and a few thousand hours later here we are. Actually selling my idea! I admit I have a long way to go, but I am rolling. I also being practical, am trying to start up my company on a "shoestring" (they call it). I have learned just naive I am! I thought by having a website, people would just arrive! I quickly found out there are alot of other people out there selling and offering services. I am trying to connect with people using the newest social sites available. It really is hard work trying to figure out what others want and how to get the word out. Follow along with me to see just how far this dream will take us!

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