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Stroll through the following featured products. We offer 5 size options. Not all selections will have every size option. If available, it will be listed. Our 1/2 gallon size contains (3) 1/2 yards or 1/2 gallon plus has (3) 1 yard cuts  of 100% premium cotton. The Latte/Frapp and Pint contains (3) 1/4 yards of 100% premium cotton. The 5 quart pail contains (5) - 1 yard cuts.  You may shop by Category, Flavor or Color.  Enjoy your time here!

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 If ordering fabric:  measurements are in 1/4 yards.  If you choose just 1 ~ 1/4 yard, it will come as a fat quarter.  If ordering more than 1/4 yard, the cuts will be continuous unless you specify differently.


All (1/2 gallon ) (16 oz Latte/Frapp/Pint ) (Cotton In A Pail) (1/2 gallon Plus) (Blenders) (Extras) (Blue) (Red) (Brown) (Pink) (Orange) (Yellow) (Green) (Black) (Purple) (White) (Creme) (Coral) (Aqua) (Rust) (Peach) (Gold) (Coming Soon!) (New) (Copper) (Burgandy) (Project Kit) (Kids) (Seasonal) (Sale) (Clearance Shoppe) (Create Your Own) (Embroidery)
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